Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cold Canada

Yes, it's that time of year again. Winter in Canada. Not really biking weather. So last weekend I winterized the bikes, and stored them in the garage. Hopefully they will come out again in March, if we're lucky. We can still get snow in March, but you have to stay positive. If not, winter depression and easily get hold of you.

The way I look at it, to get thru winter is as follows. Only 20 days to Xmas. Then you bite the bullet in January to make it to February the 1st. After that you only have 28 days before you can get your bike ready for riding again. In the mean time I ready other people's blogs, and see the world on my computer screen.
A great blog that I can recommend is by Nicky Vaux & Adam Taylor. They are the clever ones that are currently in Laos, and enjoying nice hot and humid weather. A great blog. Very entertaining and informative.

Next weekend Dec 11-13 is the Toronto motorcycle show. We are planning to go on the Sunday and check out the new bikes. I hope to see the new 2010 BMW R1200GS. I can not buy it, but I am allowed to dream and drool.

In February Wolf BMW is having a Service Seminar for the F800 and F650 Twin (Denise's bike). We are planning to attend, and hopefully learn something about the working of her bike. I've done some work on the KLR and it a very simple bike to work on. The BMW is a different beast, and I don't have confidence yet to do any work on it. Hopefully this seminar will change it.

Look out for reports on the Toronto Bike show and the BMW service seminar. Since we are not riding now, I hope to keep on blogging on anything motorcycle related.