Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back on two wheels

Happy days! The bikes came out of storage early this year. We had a short winter, so I was riding on March the 6th. There was still a lot of road salt on the road, so I decided to stick mostly to dirt roads. It was still on the cold side, so 25 minutes was the longest I could go before I had to stop to warm up. Here's a couple of pictures to prove I was out with some snow still on the ground.

Wile riding I came across a heard of dear. There was about 50 of them. But by the time I stopped the bike and got my camera out, they were already running away. Here is a few shots that I was able to get.

I must say, what a great unexpected surprise.

Round the middle of March we had some great weather, so Denise and I decided to take the day off and go for a ride to Orangeville. We took all the back roads and had a great time. We stopped at the West Montrose covered bridge to take some picture. I think anybody that has read any of my blog entries is familiar with the bridge. I think I have enough pictures of that bridge to do a photo essay of it. I will not bore you with another one.

I think the problem is that we know every back road, dirt road or anything that remotely resembles a road, in a 200km radius from Kitchener. Time for the big trip down south, I'd say.

On our way back we stopped for a wile in Elora, and took a few pictures of the Grand River coming thru town via the gorge.

Outlet stores on the river bank in Elora

The gorge from the foot bride

I think by now everybody is tired of hearing me complain about the long and cold winter in Canada. To be able to get out on the road in winter time, and doing some adventure travelling, we went and bought us a 4 wheel KLR (aka Jeep Wrangler).

The new monster

Last weekend we just went riding around close to home, and updated our dirt/off road riding skills. Doesn't Denise look pretty cool on her bike?