Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Motorcycle Wisdom

Some motorcycle wisdom I found on the ADVrider discussion board. If you ride, you will get this.
If you don't, get a motorcycle and you will soon understand the truth in these statements.

Twelve Important Things My Motorcycle Has Taught Me.
1. The only good view of a thunderstorm is in your rear view mirror.
2. Four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul.
3. I'd rather be riding my motorcycle and thinking about God, than sitting in church thinking about my bike.
4. Life may begin at 30, but it doesn't get real interesting until about 75 mph.
5. Midnight bugs taste just as bad as Noon time bugs.
6. Sometimes it takes a whole tank full of gas before you can think straight.
7. A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.
8. Young riders pick a destination and go; old riders pick a direction and go.
9. When you're riding lead, don't spit.
10. Catching a yellow jacket in your shirt at 75 mph can double your vocabulary.
11. If you can't get it going with bungee cords and duct tape, it's serious.
12. Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window.
13. (Bonus) I've never seen a Motorcycle parked in front of a psychiatrist's office.

Spontanius Weekend Travel

This past weekend we did a short trip to Port Burwell Ontario.
Saturday morning we got up and did our usual work around the house, cleaning and mowing the lawn, and then Denise had this great idea. "Why don't we go camping tonight?" Sold!
About an hour later the bikes were packed and we were off. On our way there we went thro Woodstock, and at one point Denise was falling behind, so I pulled over to wait for her. When I looked back I could see she stopped and was looking at her rear tire. My first thought was, a flat tire, all we needed. Luckily the tire was ok, but the suspension had to set harder since the bike was loaded. What a relieve.
Once we got to Port Burwell we had to decide what we were going to do for food. We entertained the idea of going out for dinner, but in the end we bought food and snacks from the local convenience store, and beer from the LCBO. Then we set off for the Provincial Park.
Once at the park, we unpacked and set up our tent.

With the warm weather, we could not wait to get the beer opened. You know it's important to stay hydrated, and who is going to drink water when there is beer around. Man, Mexicans know how to make good beer. Maybe Corona will sponsor me to travel around and write about their great beer.

We decided to go walk around. We were told there was a trail that will take us to the beach. We found the trail entrance and started going down a steep incline towards a riveen. That's when we got attacked by Canada's national bird, the mosquito. We got out of there as fast we can.

We only stopped to take a few pictures. The scenery was beautiful, but the mosquitoes were ferocious.

Back at our camp site we thought of making a fire with the hope that it will lesson the mosquitoes. I got on the bike to go buy some fire wood.

Great to be riding around with shorts and a Tshirt.

We had our dinner, all coming from cans, but it was good. We got the fire going and just relaxed.
Apart from the raccoons raiding the camp site next to ours, we had a peaceful and relaxing afternoon and night.

The next morning we packed up, went for breakfast in Port Burwell, and headed home. We were home in about 2 hours.
Wat a great, short and inexpensive trip. We are sure to do more of them this summer.