Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 Go East Boy. July 11 - 14

The next morning we woke to torrential rain. Here is a video clip inside our tent, getting ready pack our stuff and hit the road.

We got dressed in the tent, including putting our rain suits on and helmets on. Then started packing things on the bike. As any camper would know, packing a wet tent is no fun. But, it still beats going to work.
As we were now heading West, we went thru Shediac again, and took the opportunity to take pictures of the BIG lobster.

After that we were on our way to spend the night in Fredericton NB. We wanted to stay in downtown Fredericton so we can experience the night life, and don't have to ride the bike after a few beers. We rode to the centre of town, and then we asked 2 cops where we could stay, and where the Happening Places are in Fredericton. They gave us good directions and info. We stayed in the Delta Fredericton. Walking distance to where we wanted to be. It was a great hotel, but a bit on the expensive side. Once at the hotel I had a shower, as there was starting to hang a sound around me. Had my afternoon siesta, and was ready to hit the town. Konstanz found a pub on-line where we could eat and have a few drinks, and they had a live band playing that night.
We walked to the pub round 6:00pm, and had great Fish & Chips with some beers. By 8:00pm we asked the waitress, what time the band starts playing. She said round 10:30pm. We decided to walk round town, check out the sites and that way kill some time till the band start playing. We covered the whole downtown area in about an hour, and then decided to go back to our hotel. Stuff this waiting for the band. Needless to say, by 11:00pm that night we were fast asleep. What a way to paint the town red!

The next morning we were off early (6:00am) to make our way to Mt Washington in New Hampshire. We new we had to get an early start, since the mountain was about 500km away. We crossed back into the US at St Croix Maine round 8:00am, and crossed the State of Maine in no time. We riched Mt Washington round 2:00 pm, and got in line to pay to go up the Auto Road.

There is a sign at the entrance that warns you not do go up the mountain it you have a fear of heights. We both are scared of heights, or more correctly, the fear of falling, we decided the sign was put up only for sissies. It is a 8 mile ride to the top, and it started out easy with not a very steep incline. But after 4 miles it changed dramatically, and to top it off, some of the road is not paved. Here is a video clip taken of the bike near the summit.

I did not really look at the scenery on the way up, I was just concentrating on the road. On the way down is was a lot easier and I was then able to look around a bit. I was never scared, I just paid close attention at the task at hand, keeping the bike on the road. That is my story, and I'm sticking to it. Konstanz also says he was not scared, but this was on the passenger seat when we reach the summit. 

But we both made it to the top, and the views were brilliant.

That night we made it to Moose Brook Motel in New Hampshire. Great Motel, with a pool. The next day was the start of the long trek home.

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